What to read Wednesdays:

Both picture books and chapter book suggestions will be shared by our team and Kylen. Check out our YouTube channel for the reading of some of the picture books!



Racially Diverse Library Donations:

KG’s Kids is committed to helping teachers to build racially inclusive classroom libraries. This fall, KG’s Kids has helped four teachers build more robust classroom libraries for their students.



Classroom Adoptions:

Fact #1: Kids in classrooms without classroom libraries read 50% less than kids in classrooms with libraries.
Fact #2: When children have a home library as little as 20 books of their own, they achieve three or more years of schooling than children who don’t have any books at home.

KG’s Kids is committed to helping to make sure that students have books to read, not only at school, but also at home. This fall, KG’s Kids has adopted four classrooms and has purchased books throughout the year for each student.