Summer slide refers to the regression that happens over the course of the summer when students are not accessing the new knowledge they learned during the school year.

Here are some facts on the summer slide:

  • Research by James Kim shows that students  from low-income families are disproportionately affected by the summer slide.
  • Summer learning loss is cumulative, over time it can create a gap of two and up to five years by the time students reach high school.
  • Kim’s research shows that shows that more than half of the gap in reading scores between low-income 9th graders and their middle-income peers could be attributed to differences in summer learning accumulated between first and fifth grade.
  • Kim also found that younger children are prone to the most learning loss because they’re at a crucial stage in their development.

Here is what we have decided to do to support local school districts, especially with the current situation of remote and hybrid learning that  has contributed to the gaps that students already face.

  • Backpacks for each child in grades K-2.   These backpacks are leveled and will be distributed purposefully to students based on their current levels.
  • Pre-recorded lessons will be available on the learning platform, Class Dojo, for students to watch and help to master concepts.
  • Parent sessions will be held twice a month to help answer questions and assist the parents with how they can help.
  • Incentives are going to be used to ensure student engagement.  Students will need to submit three pieces of evidence to be included in weekly drawings for different prizes.  There will be an end of the summer drawing for a stay at the new Kalajari Resort for students who submitted work each week.

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