The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan


The Lightning Thief was a mandatory read for me back when I was still in grade school. As I was still getting my feet wet with reading for fun, I kind of picked my way slowly through this one. Because it was for class, I didn’t really expect it to be interesting, least of all entertaining. However, as we got deeper into the story, I couldn’t have been more wrong.   This book is a great starting point for younger readers who are just beginning to delve into the fantasy/fiction world of literature. Kids reading this will be introduced to the old Greek gods and be immersed into a more modernized version of the old classical tales. They’ll travel to Mount Olympus which just so happens to be in New York, travel to the Camp Half-blood which is only able to be entered by demigods and so much more. An added bonus is that the Lightning Thief is the first of many, as it has several sequels, so one can expect a lot more from the series. I look back fondly upon this series, as this was one of the series of books that first hooked me into reading.