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Dinosaurs a Nonfiction Companion

The Magic Tree House series is a renowned series for beginning readers. It is a favorite series for young readers that are ready to begin their chapter book reading careers. This series is about a brother and sister, Jack and Annie, that time travel in their treehouse to different places during different times in history to witness many historical events. These chapter books are fiction, and while these may entice some young readers, there are students who may struggle to connect to the stories. Kylen was one of those students. What is wonderful about this series is that there is a nonfiction companion book that compliments the fiction story. While the traditional Magic Treehouse books did not capture Kylen’s attention, the nonfiction companions did! These books are filled with vocabulary words about the content that are defined, pictures, illustrations and fun tidbits that are sure to capture a young reader’s interest. Both versions are wonderful books that can appeal to readers and can be read together to practice how to read different genres. There are currently 43 fiction books with a nonfiction fact tracker book as a companion. With this many books, which span a wide variety of topics, there is a book for everyone!

Past Books of the Month

Read Elmer With KG


Not Quite Snow White

By: Ashley Franklin

Not Quite Snow White is a perfect picture book to share with all students. Tameika loves to dance, sing, act, and perform! So when the school announces tryouts for the play Snow White, Tameika is excited! Her classmates, however, question if she is the right fit for the role. This book encourages conversations about self-confidence, especially when faced with opposing opinions. Tameika tries out for the play and realizes she was “just enough of all the right stuff.”