Our hearts were broken by the sudden passing of our son , brother and friend, Jackson Coker. Jackson was an integral part of the training at G10 Academy where Kylen and Ryan Becker were preparing for the SMU Pro day and the NFL draft. He trained alongside these athletes and pushed them to be their ultimate best, to give every ounce of athleticism in order get better every single day. These three young men became a brotherhood. They spent long days together, sharing meals, workouts, triumphs, but most importantly, many laughs.


Jackson valued education and understood the value that it carried. He was currently a freshman at Columbia University, a university that is known for research and it’s distinctive and distinguished learning environment. He was majoring in Political Science/ Pre-Law and was enjoying the challenge that the classes presented.


Jackson mirrored KG’s Kids beliefs and mission statement. For that reason, he envisioned partnering with KG’s Kids to give back and make an impact on students in the New York area. Jackson had big dreams and plans to make these dreams come true. We are saddened that he will not see his dreams become a reality while here on Earth. KG’s Kids vows to make sure we carry on his memory today and always.

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