KG’s Kids is a 501 (c) (3) organization.

Mission: KG’s Kids works to expose students to the importance of reading by providing opportunities and supplies to help support student’s reading careers.

Read below to hear Kylen’s story and how KG’s Kids came to fruition.


It all started with a punishment when I was in first grade. My drive to play video games was strong and this drive inevitably would get me into trouble. Testing how far I would go to play video games, my mom decided to challenge me by implementing a new rule.


This new rule was a simple one: for every minute that I read a book, I could earn an equal amount of time to play video games. I started out begrudgingly, taking about fifteen minutes to read a single chapter book page. But the more I read, something began to click in my brain, and I started to enjoy reading.


Soon, I actually looked forward to reading more than I looked forward to playing video games. In fact, my love for reading became my new driving force. Some of my teachers would not allow me to have books at my desk because I would read during class while the lessons were ongoing.


So, why exactly did I fall in love with the stories between the pages? Whenever you read, you automatically expand upon the knowledge you already have as no two books are the same. They contain different story arcs, styles, tones, themes, and are so diverse even within the same genre. There are so many choices to choose from that it’s nearly impossible to pick a book as there are so many amazing choices to get lost in the words.


When I begin reading a book, I quickly become entranced in the story and read tirelessly until the last word. I finish most books within a day once I begin them. Additionally, while there are now movie adaptations of some great stories, I believe that most books are better than their movie adaptations. There are always some exceptions to every rule, and there are two series in which the movies are equally as engaging as the books.


The Lord of the Rings trilogy (the original trilogy) and the Harry Potter movies both equally capture the magic of the story they are telling. While this is my story, I hope that others can begin to challenge themselves like my mom challenged me to open a book and learn to appreciate the worlds that will open up as a result. Reading has many benefits that will impact an individual’s life.


While there are the research based benefits, such as: increased knowledge and vocabulary, improved memory, better analytical skills and improved writing, the best benefit to reading, in my opinion, is the FUN that it brings. Each page is a new adventure allows you to access different worlds and places that one may never travel but within the pages.


Start your journey now!